Greta two year old female greyhound

Greta is a two year old female greyhound who has been in a foster home with a female Labrador, a male Greyhound and a 14 year old child since the beginning of August 2019.  She is quite small for a greyhound girl.  

Greta quickly realised that racing wasn’t for her and spent her short time at the track goofing around!  Greta has embraced home life with gusto and enthusiasm, she adores people and assumes every human who comes into the foster home wishes to be showered in Greta hugs and kisses!  She has been encouraged to be a little more refined in her greetings but we’ve been caught off-guard several times and been dive bombed by a very enthusiastic Greta!  She really is hilarious and the faster you stroke her, the waggier her tail becomes.  She is such a loving and affectionate little girl and will put her head on your neck for snuggles. 

Greta hasn’t had a single toilet accident in the house.  Greta hasn’t chewed anything in the home, aside from shredding her foster dad’s PPI claim during the first few days in the home!  She has also shown an affinity with her Labrador foster sister by helping herself to the toilet roll a couple of times, helpfully unrolling it down the stairs and scattering around for her foster family! 

Greta is friendly and respectful towards the resident dogs and loves her food.  She has learnt to wait her turn for treats, always taking them gently.  Despite being full of fun and confidence in the home, Greta does also have a sensitive side.  She is still building her confidence out and about on walks and can sometimes have a few seconds of skittishness when, for example, a bag blowing in the wind startles her. Having said that, Greta loves her walks, she walks well on her harness and is easy to manage whilst walking with two other dogs. 

Greta loves to play and would love a new sister or brother with whom she could enjoy games.  Unfortunately for Greta, her foster siblings are getting on a bit in years and don’t offer Greta much by way of playtime fun.  Greta is such a good girl, she doesn’t pester them and will instead play with her toys.  Greta is very fond of her off lead zoomies and she hopes her new home will continue to provide opportunities for a regular run in a secure area. 

Greta is left for four hours during the week.  The doggy cam shows that she settles down quickly and doesn’t fret when left alone with the resident dogs.  Greta sleeps in her own bed in the foster family bedroom and doesn’t make a peep all night, only rising when her foster family get up in the morning.  

Greta is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed.  She can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.