Merlin Five Year Old Male Greyhound

 Merlin is a five year old male Greyhound. Like Sky, he came to us as part of a cruelty case he, along with several other dogs, had been kept in a wooden crate with holes in the side, akin to a jack in a box. 
He was moved with Sky but was in a worse state physically and mentally. He struggled to stand initially for longer than a few minutes and like Sky was very obviously stiff, his gait also stunted with having been confined. Mentally he was frightened and unsure, but with careful handling and leaving him to progress at his own pace, he has started to learn about the world outside again. 
Merlin arrived at the end of July and the difference in him is immense, if any dog deserves the chance of love and comfort for the rest of his life, it's Merlin. He is a dear, sweet boy who will bond deeply with whoever can offer him the home he needs. To meet him is to love him, he is such a soulful boy who is willing to trust again despite his past. The capability of these dogs to overcome their pasts and to trust again is humbling beyond words, I say it all the time, but what incredible souls Greyhounds are. 
Like Sky, we would like Merlin to go straight into a home, rather than upset him by moving him again because of his history, he needs to settle. 
Merlin is currently in kennels, we would like him to go to a home where he can receive one on one attention, he deserves all the attention and love he has missed out on. Merlin is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and flead and wormed , he can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck. If you could offer Merlin the home he dearly wants, please contct us.